We are proud to announce our membership of the WaterFrontLab association (WaterFrontLab – The meeting platform for the enhancement and protection of the coasts), which deals with the Protection, Enhancement and Governance of the coasts.
This step represents an important networking opportunity aimed at our R&D activities.
Our innovative autonomous amphibious rover MAR (Multipurpose Amphibious Rover), capable of moving from land to water without the need to change configuration, finds its right place in the field of protection of the marine and coastal environment as the vehicle can carry out surveillance, monitoring and intervention in coastal areas. 

Thanks to its advanced technology, the rover can explore and protect the most delicate areas of our ecosystem, contributing to the collection of crucial data for coastal conservation.

Why this membership is important:

  • Collaboration: Joining forces with WFL associates allows us to discuss and work together with industry experts to develop innovative and sustainable ideas and solutions.
  • Innovation: Our amphibious rover can be an enabling tool for coastal monitoring and intervention projects, improving the effectiveness of environmental protection initiatives.